Design and Manufacturing




The Espresso watch is the product of many years of research and study of watch and watch design and manufacturing. 

Sixty watches were purchased and disassembled over a period of three years and combined with hours of study and practical research we concluded that it would be possible to craft a top quality watch with an African flavour using only the best raw materials. 

Ours is a unique design and every part of the watch was designed to our specifications; you can see our engineer drawings on our site.

Our watches are set apart, not only by their design, but also by the iconic image of the African continent which is engraved on the face, back, and crown of the watch. 

This same image can be found on our supporting range of belts and accessories.



Although based and designed in Africa, we use the best facilities from around the world to manufacture our watch components. These are the same manufacturing facilities used by other well known high-quality watch companies.

All our watch components are made from 316L stainless steel which, is arguably the  best material to use for jewelry and watches.



316L stainless steel is also known as surgical steel due to its safe usage in medical and food processing equipment. It is more resistant to corrosion that other metals (even other types of stainless steel) , nickel free, lead free and durable; meaning our watch is safe for allergy prone skin, your skin won’t turn it black and in turn it won’t turn you green.

All watches are waterproof for up to 50 meters so you can drop it in the pool but don’t go diving with it. 



At the heart of the watch…


We use the Citizen Miyota (2035) automatic quartz movement. A quartz watch uses an electronic oscillator that is regulated by a quartz crystal at a precise  frequency making it more accurate than most mechanical movements.

A common and trusted watch movement.



All leather straps and belts are made from genuine durable leather and all buckles and metal accessories are made from  the same 316L stainless steel a our watches.